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I purchase a new laptop 1/13/09 Windows Vista HE. I have yahoo mail plus
acct, I already had a outlook 2003 cd so I downloaded and followed the steps
on the wizard and did a test. I received 724 new emails in the outlook box.
Now I havent received any new mail sent then in my outlook but when I log
open my email all the new emails are there when I reopen outlook it does its
send/receive progress and its say 1 or 28 downloading... but still no new
emails in outlook. please help :-(


On 1/20/2009 8:27 PM PST 1/20/2009 8:27 PM PST ruch33 wrote:

Hi! Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

I am using Outlook 2003 and my computer is running Vista.

I am having problems receiving mail via Outlook. It is connected to a pop
account and it worked fine then last night it stopped receiving mail. I
can still send email.
And my email is still going to the server, because I can read it if I connect
to webmail - as well as on my iphone- it just doesn't download to my
Outlook. Other weird things:

1) Now when I press send/receive the button flashes
orange (it is activated), but then nothing pops up, although mail in the
outbox will go.

2) I tested the Outlook settings again, and the test worked fine, including
connecting to the incoming mail server. However, I never receive the test
messages in my Outlook inbox, although they are visible in my webmail inbox.

3) I wanted to make sure that the send/receive groups settings were set to
check often for mail, but if I go into send/receive options and try to click
on "define send/receive groups", it highlights orange (ie it is activated),
but nothing will pop up - I can't get into those settings.

I've read through all the other posts I can find, and tried various things,
such as:
-checking all of the incoming/outgoing settings
-creating a new profile
-turning off the virus checker for email
I have AVG Free virus scanner software on my computer, and I
turned the email scanner part off. No luck.

No luck! any suggestions????

thank you so much for any help you can provide!

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Tonight I wrote:

I have the exact same problem as described by ruch33.

I use Windows XP professional SP3 and Office 2003 SP3.

I have gone as far as reinstalling Windows and Office. I have tried on
somebody else’s computer. I have spent long hours on the phone with the ISP
help desk.

I can send mails, I can see my incoming mail at the ISP site, but Outlook
continues to go through all the motions when I press the Send/Receive button
but no mail is downloaded.

This is most frustrating. I have spent the best part of last week
troubleshooting this problem. This is most frustrating.

I use SpyDoctor anti-virus and anti-phishing. I disabled it on various tests.

I get no error messages from Outlook. It seems to finish the task
successfully, except that it does not download any mail even though there are
may mails in the ISP server.

I need all the help I can get and will be very, very thankful for any useful


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These problems look very similar to yours. And they also tend to indicate a
recently introduced bug.
I feel that Microsoft should look into this bad issue.

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