Not receiving emails from contact form on my website




I wanted to see if anyone has experienced my problem and if anyone has a possible resolution for me. Since I set up my new website in 07/09 I received emails no problem. Just two weeks ago I stopped receiving emails from my contact form on my website. My hosting company tested everything and said the site is fine. Also, I went to the highest levels of support with Brighthouse Networks(Time Warner) and they said my email is fine. The form is in php form. I changed the email address on my site to my wife's yahoo account and I got the email just fine. Anybody have any ideas what could be going on. I appreciate any info anyone can pass on.

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Roady [MVP]

Do the message arrive in your web based mailbox?
If no, this isn't an Outlook issue since the messages never arrived in your
ISPs mailbox. Most likely they got filtered out by their Junk E-mail Filter.

If they do arrive in your web based mailbox but do not get downloaded to
Outlook, you'll have to provide some configuration information for us to
work with.

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