Outlook 2007 Reminders for Calendar & E-mails won't snooze or dism


Kilted Cook

This problem is a recent development.

My problem involves the reminder pop ups for an appointment in my Outlook
2007 Calendar. If I want to snooze or even dismiss the appointment I am able
to select a time just fine, and when I press "snooze" the reminder disappears
just fine.

However, in just a couple of minutes time (no matter how long I may have
selected) the reminder pops up again. As I said this happens even if I
select "dismiss".

The only way to stop the reminder from continuing to pop up is to open the
appointment and actually shut off the reminder.

The same thing happens not only with appointments, but with follow-ups on
e-mails as well.

As I said, this is a fairly recent development so I am thinking it may be
the result of an update or something. Although that may not be the case at




I have the same issue. No matter how long I select for the snooze function,
the reminder pops back up within minutes. This is very annoying.
Dismiss works as advertised for me, that then I don't get reminded again
later, which is what I require...




I have the same problem too but I've had it for a long time...was hoping
Microsoft would've fixed it by now...very annoying!

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