Outlook 2007 (minus sp1) DST calendar error



Hello everyone

We did a test rollout of Office 2007 w/o SP1 and have found those people to
be suffering from the old DST bug. Their calendars a re 1 hour ahead from the
new DST settings to the old dst change time.

These people were upgraded to Office 2007 from Outlook 2003. Uninstall 2003
and install 2007. Everyone still in 2003 is fine. The people we have upgraded
with the SP1 install is fine.

The Exchange and DST patches have all been applied during last springs
Exchange Server 2003 SP2 Full office install with outlook 2007

Does anyone know how to get the calendar's appointments and meetings to
reflect the correct time?

I have tried running the time zone update tool within 2007 but that didn't

many thanks!.

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