Second time zone in Calendar 2007 will not update for DST



OK this weird and wonderful problem will test out the experts.

I have Outlook 2007 installed (Office 2007 Enterprise) and have my calendar
appointments, etc. based on my primary time zone (Australian Eastern Time)
which updates for DST correctly.

I also need to link for meetings with West Coast of USA so installed a
second time zone for Pacific Time so that I can see correct timings in
relation to Australian time in the calendar.

While my primary time zone (Australian Eastern Time - GMT+10) updated for
DST change (which occured 0200 Sun 5 April), the time relationship to the
secondary (PDT) time zone (set for GMT-8) did NOT! There should be (now) a
17 hour time difference with PDT in effect in the USA but AEST in force here
in eastern Australia.

I have temporarily worked around this by manually altering the base time for
the Pacific Time on the calendar to Mountain Time (GMT-7). But I have to
remember to alter this each time either the US or Australia change the status
of DST.

A) Should the calendar have automatically updated?
B) How can I get BOTH calendar time zones to changes correctly (hard to do
I think as the start/stop dates of DST are slightly different in US and

Told you this was a curly one! Any suggestions/help?

USAOz Services

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

Both time zones should show the correct time for their time zone and DST.
Do you have all of the time zone updates installed? Although, at this point
in time it doesn't matter in the US - our DST started in March so the
incorrect DST definitions would be a problem for most of March and should be
correct as of today. However, if you are looking at the calendar with today
as the first date, it may be a bug in the view - times are correct if you
open the appointments or view any other day except on the day of the time
change. See

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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