Lingering DST issue: Appointments are an hour ahead, but Meetings



I have a user whose PC was patched for the DST change. All of our servers are
patched for the DST (including Exchange 2003). This morning he emailed me to
say that his emails are timed correctly, his system time is correct, and his
meetings are fine (even meetings scheduled today for anytime during this new
DST time), but when he schedules appointments they automatically show for an
hour later than they should.
Has anyone seen this?

Jeetender Liddar

Has anyone run into this error. I am a consultant, so the office I am
in, they give me a Lotus Notes email, I forward myself a copy of all
the invtes to my Office 2003 Outlook. (We do not run on an exchange

I have the TZMOVE executed, but all my meetings from Lotus Notes to
Outlook, outlook has them an hour slow.
All my meetings from Outlook to Lotus Notes, they are right...

I tried re-running TZMOVE, adjusting timezones, re-running. The
pisser is, it jacks my Treo calender...

Anyone have a clue what I should do?

Jimmy Liddar
(e-mail address removed)

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