Outlook Meeting request via SMTP 1 hour off after DST



When I send appointments to users in other Exchange Orgnizations the meeting
time is one hour off. The meetings are sent from users in Eastern Daylight
Time US and to users in Europeran time zone where they did not do an DST
patching because they are not in the US. All of our desktops and servers are
patched, including Exchange SP2 with DST hotfix. Exchange Calendar Timezone
tool was run on the mailbox. The recipient is on an Exchange 2000 server in
the UK or Switzerland, Austria. Appointments to mailboxes within our
Exchange Organization in these companies are showing up properly

I send an appointment for now, it shows up on their calendar for 1 hour from
now so they are showing up 1 hour late for meetings.

Are all Exchange servers worlwide required to be patched?

How can I check what meeintg time data is being sent so I can tell if it is
on my side or the remote end?


I'm having a similar issue with some Exchange 2000 servers.

If I send a meeting request from a good, patched Exchange 2003 organization
to an outside Exchange 2003 organization, the times are correct.

If I send the same meeting request from the same good, patched Exchange 2003
organization to an outside Exchange 2000 organization (with the OS DST
patches installed, but NOT the $4000 Exchange 2000 DST patch installed) the
meeting comes in at one hour later.

Internal meeting requests sent WITHIN that same Exchange 2000 organization
seem fine.

My understanding was that the Exchange 2000 DST patch was only required by
certain 3rd party apps & OWA, but it seems to be affecting external meeting
requests as well.


I have the same issue here when sending meeting requests from exchange
2003 to an exchange 2000.

any ideas?

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