Outlook 2003 Prompting for Password on Internal Domain Client




We are using Exchnage 2003 SP2, with WIndows XP SP3 and Outlook 2003.
Everything has been running fine for a number of years. Last week, a
user changed his domain password, since then, Outlook prompts for a
password everytime he opens it.

We use Outlook Anywhere/RPC over HTTPS externally, which connects to
ISA server 2006 and a published OWA site. This works fine, and you do
get the password prompt externally, as expected. However, it is this
same password prompt that this user is now getting when he is on the
internal network, connected to the domain, logged on with his domain

I have checked the following in Outlook under Tools > Email Accounts
Microsoft Exchange Server > More Settings:
Security tab > 'Always prompt for username & password' is unticked &
'Logon network security' is Kerberos/NTLM.
Connnection tab > 'Exchange Proxy Settings' > 'On fast networks
connect sing HTTP first' is unticked, only 'On slow networks' is
ticked, and basic authentication is selected, which is the same
settings as everyone else in the company, who is not getting this
password prompt.

Any help, or suggestions on how to remove this prompt would be greatly




K. Orland

Have you gone into the Control Panel and deleted the cache of Passwords in
Users & Passwords?

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