Outlook 2003 - Logo in signature replaced with red 'X'



after OLK cache reaches a limit (limit unknown) the company logo no longer
appears in Outlook signature and is replaced with red 'X'...that is until I
manually empty OLK. It's as if the temporary Outlook file (OLK) does not
flush and once the Outlook attachments that are cached here reach a limit -
the logo is substituted for a red 'X'. I am suspicious that the user has
multiple attachments open when they close Outlook - therefore building the
size of the cache. Any work around is greatly appreciated.

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

Roughly how many files are in the secure temp folder when this happens?

I suppose you could write a macro that runs on Outlook startup that gets the
temp folder location from the registry at
and get that folder and delete some or all of the files in that folder.

If you're using a different version of Outlook than 2003 adjust the "11.0"
to your version ("10.0" for Outlook 2002, "12.0" for Outlook 2007, etc.)

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