Logo in Outlook 2003 signature is blocked (red x)



I have a user who is having an issue with his html email signature. For some
reason when he put the necassary files (2) into his signature. When he looks
at the signature in Outlook, the logo is blocked or not recognized. When I
click on the logo(htm) within Outlook, it opens in notepad(code). When I open
in XP, it opens the logo in Excel. The file association in XP is correct.
Other users use the same sig. and it works fine. Any suggestions would be

Tim Clark

I would suggest you do a Yahoo search for Outlook 2003 newsgroups ;-)

How did you happen upon this group?
This is a group dedicated to Windows Defender specifically and antimalware
programs in general.

While someone here might have an answer, go to an Outlook site is probably a
better idea.



it had to take longer to write that response than to just answer the
question! Useless! Thanks!

Tim Clark

As no one else replied,
And the poster has not returned since 12/21/07,
My guess is that it was very useful and that the poster found their
answer in an Outlook 2003 Newsgroup, as I suggested :)

Oh, and you are welcome :p


Bill Sanderson

So, why didn't you do so?

One point of the kind of response that Tim Clark (rightly, in my opinion)
made is to steer off-topic questions to a group where someone is more likely
to know the correct answer. I've no idea if Tim knew the answer to that
question--there's no reason why he should.

Questions in these groups are answered by volunteers who have an interest in
the particular technology that is the group subject--it isn't reasonable to
expect them to know the answer to a question in some other technology, and
it is better if the groups are held to topic to at least a modest degree, or
it gets harder to find useful information when needed.

Tim Clark

Trust me Bill,
I did not know the answer,
I still don't.
If I did I would have provided it :)
as would most people in this group.



I think that the original poster was not off topic at all. I have just
started to experience the same problem with outlook after activating
defender on my new laptop. I have been using this PC for a few months now
and just decided to activate defender. Now I have the same problem with
Outloot HTML formatted email messages. Defender is blocking the pictures
fdrom coming through.

If I modify the default settings for defender and change the High Alert
items to IGNORE then the Outlook problem is resolved.

There is no way to make an exception in Defender for Outlook. The manual
says that you have to add exceptions as alerts are provided to you when
running the application but Outlook does not promt you for an exception.

Is there a way to make an exception when the application does not alert you?


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