Outlook 2003 Custom form field values do not persist after publish




I'm having a problem with certain field values that I set in a custom form
and publish. I'm trying to create a custom Vacation alert form that allows
someone to send a calendar item with their vacation days to everyone in the
IT department so that they have it on their calendars and know when people
are out. I designed a custom form based on the standard appointment and
customized the below fields and published it in the Personal Forms Library.
When I access the custom form (New\Choose Form\Personal Forms
Library\Vacation Alert,) the Label and All day event fields are back to their
defaults of None and unchecked. here are the specifics listed for your

- MS Outlook 2003 (11.8206.8202) SP3
- Custom form called "Vacation alert" created from Standard forms
library\Appointment and saved (temporarily,) in Personal Forms Library
- New customized appointment form with the following modified fields
- To... = "!IT" (this is a mail list in the Exchange global address store)
- Subject: = "<Enter Name> on vacation"
- Label: = "Vacation"
- All day event = "checked"
- How time as: = "Free"
- Message Body = "informational text to guide the creator of the calendar

Can someone explian why the Label and All day event fields do not persist as
I have set them to???


Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

I've seen that happen with the All-day property. I think it's because the initial value of that field is determined by how the user creates the item -- i.e. where they double-click on the Calendar display -- not by what's on the form. You could try putting code in the Item_Open event handler to set the desired value, but that might not work either.

There's little point in setting the Label, BTW. It won't be transmitted to other people, and you can't guarantee that the original user has "Vacation" in that position.

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