Publish form to folder - Outlook 2007



I created a custom calendar form and while testing, I published it to my
Personal Forms Library. Everything worked great. I then published the form
to my Calendar folder and set my custom form as the default form for this
folder. When I (owner) create a new appointment, it works as designed.

I have delegates that use my calendar. They have full rights
(read/create/modify) to it. When a delegate creates an appointment on my
caldendar, the custom form appears, but none of the code in the custom form
is executed. The code loads picklists in combobox controls on the form. The
code also displays the values stored in custom fields.

The code is stored in the custom form's Item_Open function. On the surface,
it appears the Item_Open function isn't called when a delegate opens the
custom form.

Am I missing something or is this the normal behavior when a delegate uses a
custom form published to a folder?


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