Custom Form overwriting the default appointment form in outlook 20



I really need help because I can not figure out what i did wrong.
I have created a custom appointment form that has 1 form region.
I have published it to the public folder where the form will be used. I have
copied the form region .osf file and .xml file into the local folder on a
user harddrive and edited the registry key for outlook form region, to point
to that xml file. The problem that I have now is that custom form only
supposed to come up when a user is using a public calendar NOT their own
I have checked the properties on the public calendar and it is set to use
that custom form,
now when I check properties under my own calendar it is set to use
IPM.Appointment, so custom form should not come up, but it does. Basically,
my custom form comes up no matter what calendar I am using whether it is my
own or public.
Please advise where I made a mistake.

Sue Mosher [MVP]

Which registry key did you use to register the form region? IPM.Appointment
or IPM.Appointment.MyForm?

It's not clear what you're seeing with appointments in the user's calendar.
Is it the form region, the published custom form, or both?

Note that a custom appointment form cannot "have" a form region. Custom
forms and form regions are two totally different ways of modifying the item
UI. They can both appear to the user when the both use the same message
class, but there is no built-in linkage or interaction between the two.

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