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Hi All,

I am working with Custom Forms, now i am wondering how to complete my
actual tasks.

I need to create a vacation request process in outlook, similar to the one
which the Microsoft sample Forms. But i will be getting the information like
Vacation dates, approver name from an external application.

Now i had created a custom Message form with Approve, Reject buttons
(instead of voting buttons in Vacation Request) and published in Orgn Forms
Library. Which on click of those buttons VBScript code will call Webservice
and passes the requestor name, vacation details to the webservices. I am able
to call Web Services.

Here comes my actual issue. I have created a Custom Message form, but made
the "Message" page as hidden and customized p.2 page with buttons and labels,
I will showing the Vacation details in Labels. Now i need to send the custom
form to approver with requestor details. If i need to send the requestor
details i need to again publish the form in Orgn Forms Library.

So if i need to change any requestor details i need to republish it and send
the custom form. Suppose a 100 users raises a vacation request, i need to
publish the 100 custom form with each users details in different name. This
is really very bad approach..

Kindly guide me the actual process of doing it.

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