After requestor submits the form; Sent item of Requestor has got t




Am using Outlook 2003 and have desgined and coded an Outlook Custom Form.

I have a Requestor (Request) form and an Approver (Response) form. When a
requestor submits the form, in sent items of the requestor's outlook am able
to find the approver's form (Response). He is able to approve his own form
too which is a serious flaw. I would appreciate if someone could help me on

Sub submit_Click()
dim strAnswer
strAnswer = msgBox("Are you sure you wish to submit this Requester
form?",vbYesNo, "Submitting the Request")
if strAnswer = 6 then
if checkData Then
'A text on the form has the approver mail id
Item.UserProperties("Approver").Value = item.Recipients(1).name
end if
msgbox "Data send cancelled by user"
end if
End Sub

Function Item_Send()
set LookupPage = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages
Item_Send = True
End Function

Thanks in advance.


Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

See my answer to your other post. If you set DeleteAfterSubmit the sent
items never even go to Sent Items.

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