customised form not saved in sent messages


Rikkart Van Gassen


I'm using Outlook 2003, and have created a series of forms linked by Actions.
Content :
Employees create a training request with details and motivation, send it to
Supervisor. Supervisor chooses to support this (Action: new reply-only form),
and sends on to HR to check for alternatives, and so forth.
Problem :
The reply-only form is not saved in the supervisor's Sent Items, but does
reach HR and cc to the Employee. I'm attaching my VBScript below.
Background :
- The forms are in an Organizational Forms Library on the company server
- The message class is "IPM.Note.Training B1" etc.
- The action is a Forward, include original message text
- I have unchecked the "Save form definition with item" checkbox
- I've tried Item.Save in the Item_Send, but nothing happens.

What should I do, what can I check?

Function Item_Open()
If Item.Sent="False" Then
Item.CC=Item.UserProperties("Employee Name")
End If
End Function

Function Item_Send()
Item.UserProperties.Find("HR Name").Value = Item.To
Item.UserProperties.Find("BudgetOwner Name").Value = Item.BCC
Item.BCC = ""
Subject1="Supervisor supports Training Request :
"+Item.UserProperties("Training course title")
Subject2=" for "+Item.UserProperties("Employee Name")+" (DonTR)"
Item.UserProperties.Find("Training Spvsupp Date").Value=Date
End Function

< I also have code on Item_Read and CommandButton1_Click(), but don't think
they are relevant?>


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