outline numbering change - what did I do?


Andrew P

I am using Word 2004 on a Mac.

Somehow I have managed to alter the default Word bulleted list format. My
goal is to reset the bulleted list format so that when I enter text
after a bullet, press enter, and press tab, the bullet automatically
indents and changes to the next bulleted format. Right now after I
press enter and tab, the text indents, but the bullet remains ,left-
justified (it does not indent the bullet or change the bullet
shape like it used to).

Because I changed the default settings, now to get the bullet to
indent right I have to use my mouse and click on the "Increase Indent"
button and to get it to indent left I have to use the "Decrease
Indent" button. Before when I clicked "tab," the bullet indented, and
when i clicked "shift + tab" the indent decreased (moved left). I
want to go back to this!!

I have been through the different ways to change bullets and bulleted
lists, but I can't seem to figure out how to tell Word that upon
pressing indent I want to change to the next bullet format in the
bulleted list.

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

I received a reply on another site telling me to go to "Tools",
"AutoCorrect", "AutoFormat As You Type" tab, and then to check the box for
"Set left- and first-indent with tabs and backspaces." However, at least in
my version of word, no such box exists. Help pleeeeaaaassse - all i do is
outline and this is really affecting my work!

Stefan Blom

You should ask in a newsgroup devoted to Word for the Macintosh. At least in
recent Windows versions, the option you are looking for does reside in the
AutoCorrect dialog box.

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