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I don't know if you have any clients with the new ATT U Verse, but we had it
put in 2 weeks ago, and man..it does NOT like AVG. It wouldn't work, kept
asking for a reboot every update, then would go grey on us. We finally had to
resort to installing Avast. Don't get me wrong, Avast works pretty good, but
I was so use to my AVG. :-(

Just thought I'd give ya a heads up in case you run into any problems with
customers who have it. My general thoughts on the new U Verse..OK, but they
need to work out alot of bugs in it. Have alot of friends who had it
installed, and they also have had both phone, and tv problems. Think they
released it a little too soon, it has it's problems.

Have a good night, stay cool, and TTYS. JJ




JJ just so you know, I have been working with AVG techs to find a solution
to your problem and a problem where the program crashes when you try to open
the icon on the desktop
They have informed me that in two weeks they are doing a major update to the
free version as well as the pro version.
Most of the problems seem to be happening in the free version.
this one might just fix your clients avg now.

Mine is suppose to be fixed in the next major update which will be in

On one of my clients computers (and I have seen this on 12 of them- same
problem) it got so bad I uninstalled it and put Avira on it to protect them.
I found this seems to be happening the most on xp home sp3
On xp pro i do not see the problem nor Vista

I do not like Avast because it doesn't do automatic scans and none of my
clients will remember to do a scan, also its user phase is terrible. It is
so complicated and I know none of my clients would be able to figure it out
without my help.
Avira free doesn't scan emails but I am told by their company that it does
really do a scan on emails if the client trys to open it and there is a
virus there. It just doesn't scan as the email comes in.

Avira is more like AVG in its features and since all my clients are used to
AVG i thought since I had no choice for this one client I would give it a

I am testing Avira on one of my test computers and so far it is not too bad.
The only thing I do not like is sometimes it forgets to go out to the
internet to check for updates.

but i am still putting AVG 8.0 on clients computers and wait and see if it
has problems.

Every computer is so different and has different applications on it- you
never know what it is going to conflict with.





Hi Robin..Thanks for the info. hopefully they get it fixed. I have no
problems with Avast, it was a bit weird in the beggining, but I'm use to it
now. It does do the updates automatically, and I just run a scan once a week
while I'm doing my household chores, so that part doesn't bother me. I just
set it up for a scan, and walk away. LOL

If Avast gives me problems, I can always try the one you have. Ya never know
how things will work till ya give them a try!!!

Oh well, we will see what happens in the future, but at least I have
something for now. Too many wack jobs out there discovering, and inventing
new stuff to mess with our computers, so we all know we need something.

Enjoy your weekend, and TTYL. JJ

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