OS X file names truncated on Win Svr


Lee W.

Last week I week posted a question here about the file
names over 31 characters being truncated with Mac OS X
clients saving files to a W2K Svr.
I got a response from someone at MS (I believe) suggesting
I use smb shares instead of afp. The thing is, I was
already using smb shares and I'm still getting the 31
character limit being imposed. Also, since all the Macs
are OS 10.2, I'm using IP (no appletalk) shares and have
even disabled the Mac File Sharing service on the server.
What happens is:
--Files with names over 31 characters created by Windows
clients, when opened on a mac and then saved, have their
names truncated automatically and without warning to 31
--If a mac user attempts a save as on existing file or
saves a new file with a name longer than 31 characters,
they get a warning message that the filename is too long.
My questions are this:
Using my current config--Mac OS 10.2 clients connecting
via smb shares to the W2K Server(no appletalk or file
service for Mac)--should I be able to get filenames longer
than 31 charaters without using a 3rd party mac/win file
service application?
If so, how is it done?


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