share problem win2003 server-client os x




i would tell you about a great problem for me.
We have set up a win2003 stadard server. We have activated File server
for macintish so well.
Macintish can connect to win2003 with afp and smb. Ok well.
But we are in great problem, i describe you some details:

there are Mac A and Mac B with smb network sharing to Server in win2003.
Mac A create a excel file on server, close excel than i modify the file
with mac B, no problem for now. But i i create a excel file on desktop
of Mac A, then i drag and drop it in server 2003, i open the file form
Mac B but i cannot more saving the file, and excel give the file another
name like AGAGAAHS, so random name.
I don' know this happen, i'm in trouble and i cannot find a solution,
someone can give me some help?
Are win2003 and Os x incompatible? I never seen this problem in the
past. New tecnology is not so easy like someone can tell.

Best regards


Jim Seifert [MSFT]

You should not see this problem with afp connections. In this case I
suspect the file permissions are not set to allow Mac B to change the file
when the file is first saved on Mac A. The best place to start to change
this behavior will be to compare the file permissions for both the files on
the server.

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