Opening Multiple Excel Files


Steve M

After upgrading to Excel 2007 I discovered that I could no longer open
multiple excel files by selecting the first file in an explorer window,
holding down the shift key, then selecting the last file, and double
clicking or selecting open. I now have to open each excel file individually.
I have looked through the settings but can not figure out a way to open
mulitple files at the same time.




Hong Quach

Hi Steve,

I am not sure what causing the problem, but I was able to open multiple
Excel files by selecting some Excel files and right click then Open or just
press Enter. I don't think double click would work, because it would then
undo the files selection.

If you meant opening Excel files in difference Excel instance (not likely)
then that is a different problem and I think there are several good solutions
in Google search "open multiple excel files in different windows."

Didn't solve your problem, but only show that it is not the correct problem.

Hong Quach

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