Open mutiple spreadsheets in one session of Excel and use 'ALT' +



I upgraded my Excel 2003 to Excel 2007. When I open muliple spreadsheets
within one session of Excel the only way I can move between the two
spreadsheets is to use the 'View' tab and then 'Switch Windows' drop down to
select the other worksheet.

Is there a setting that I can set to enable me to use the 'ALT' + 'TAB' keys
to flick between the two Excel spreadsheets within one session of Excel?

A work around of opening two Excel sessions with one file open in each Excel
session is not a solution for me as I want to Copy cell values from one file
and use 'Paste Values' into another file. Therefore both spreadsheets need to
be open within one Excel session for my to use the 'Paste Values' feature.




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