Okidata C5150 not printing and does not show up in device manager



I have a computer running Windows XP that will not print to an Okidata
C5150 Color Laserjet printer. I can attach other printers to it fine
and I can attach the printer to several other computers and it prints
correctly on those too, but just not on this one particular machine.
I've dl'd the latest drivers from Okidata and installed those and still
no luck. Also, the printer does not show up in device manager when I
look for it there. I'm able to go to properties in the printers
section of Printers and Faxes and it shows the printer as being online,
but when I try to print a test page I just get an error that the print
job failed. I'm also not able to print from the command line. If
anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate their input.


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