.oft file?


Kirstie Adam

Hi all,

I have a template for a purchase order request email, saved as a .oft file.

However, when i double click it, instead of opening as an email, it opens a
new mail with the template as an attachment? But it's a vicious circle, when
i double click the attachment, it opens another email with an
attachment.....and so on.

Is this just a case of changing the settings?

Any suggestions?



Roady [MVP]

What is your version of Outlook and Windows?
Do you have Word or Outlook set as the email editor?

Roady [MVP]

Go to Control Panel-> Folder Options-> tab File Types-> select OFT-> button
Select Open and then press Set Default so it will show bold. Then press
In the "Application used to perform action:" verify that is says;
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\OUTLOOK.EXE" /t "%1"

Also verify that Use DDE is enabled and the Application is set to OUTLOOK
and Topic is set to System

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