Offline folder problem



Our users have their My Documents folder pointing to a folder on a network
share, but it is available offline should they wish to work away from the

I'm dealing with a user who for some reason cannot set his My Documents
folder to work offline. When I try I get a "parameter is incorrect" error on
almost every file.

I have researched this problem, and have found solutions
(, but nothing has worked so far. I
have tried deleting everything from the offline files folder and also
pressing CTRL+SHIFT+DEL to delete the cache, but I still am unable to setup
his offline files correctly, without getting this error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I think I solved my own problem, thought I'd post it here in case anyone else
has a similar issue:

We store our CSC directory on a different partition, not in the C:\WINNT
directory, and after the CTRL+SHIFT+Delete Files combination to re-initilize
the cache and a reboot there was a .TMP file still left in the CSC directory.
After manually deleting that file I was able to sync and everything works
without any errors.


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