Number of Copies in a Print Job


Greg Duffin

I have a server print queue that has been placed on hold.
All jobs to this printer remain in the queue. Using a
Visual Basic application I wrote, a user logs in and is
presented with their print jobs. This application shows
the print job number, name, pages to print, copies, etc.
The user then selects the desired print job and release
it. The application calculates the total number of pages
to print and asks for confirmation before releasing the
job. (Pages x Copies)

Through my testing (copies = 2) I have noticed the

Notepad - displays number of copies correctly

Powerpoint - displays number of copies correctly

Excel - creates 2 print jobs


I need to know how to determine the number of copies in a
Word document. I'm thinking this is stored in the spool
file (possibly shadow file). If this is the case, what is
the format of the spool/shadow file and where/how do I get
the number of copies... then again, maybe not.

Additional Information: I'm using the GetJob function
(EnumPrinters, Printer_info_x, Devmode) as well as

Thanks in advance for your help




Greg, what are you asking for is not as easy to accomplish as
just call GetJob function. This is of course if you are trying to
create somewhat general application.

You are welcome to download and try Sepialine Argos
and see if it fits your needs.


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