Not logging in properly win2k



I recently set up a small computer lab with only 14 computers
all running win2k and 1 win2k domain server. I set up a login script
that automaticlly maps home drives and printers when ever anyone logs
in. All went fine for the first week, however, after that I started
noticing that after the first login, subsequent logins did not always
run the login script, and furthermore where not always pushing the
policies out. What was even more discouraging was one day the server
got turned off somehow, and users were STILL able to log on to the
domain??? My only guess is that it's pulling the local cached profile
for this.

My question is: How can I set it so that no matter what, the client
will always run the login script and make sure that it can connect to
the server, otherwise, not allow the user to login? Also I get "Lost
synch" errors somtimes right after login, or at least once within a 15
min period.

I have looked through local polices and turned off slow network
dection, etc, and told it to not use local cached profiles, etc. and I
still have this problem?

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