Norton Ghost with Boot Device Blue Screen



This is very uncomplicated. I have at work here only Dell Optiplex
GX1's running Windows 2000.
On all the machine I ghosted from former harddrive 9GB to new
harddrive 80GB.
No problems.
On this one machine I have ghosted in the usual fashion the 9GB to the
80GB drive.
And I did this on two new fresh WD harddrives ending up with (after
installing the newly Ghosted drive) this Blue Screen

Stop 000000007B and so on ending with Inaccessible_Boot_Device.

I've ran the Ghost several times and ending with the blue screen
In Bios I alter the device to auto, and it is found. Bios fine.
I can upon reboot launch safe, safe with networking, LKG, and so on.
However, the bluescreen appears in every instance with the Stop /
Device bluescreen message.

I've been successful on all the machines, all the same OS, ghosting;
and this computer is proving to be a problem. Is there a solution? Let
me know. Thanks John M

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