no voice sound on my audio hardware


sunny marky

Today for some reason the sound (voice/speaking) on my XP is not working. if
I make call the recepient cannot hear. Clearly a problem with the hardware
sound. I ran the test on sounds audio device and no voice sound is
registering on the scale. What can be the problem? It has worked fine for
many months before.


It could be one of a myriad of settings but if you can't find the setting
that might be causing the problem it might be a corrupted driver. Go to the
manufacturer site for your sound card and update your software drivers and
program. It is better to do a clean install of your drivers if you go this
route. I have had this problem happen with sound blaster audigy. The only
fix turned out to be a clean install of the latest drivers. If you are using
desktop speakers make sure your system speaker is disabled in your bios.


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