"No Audio device" in Sounds and Audio Devices Properties



This is a newly built computer with a fresh WIN XP Pro install.

Motherboard has onboard sound but I disabled it in the BIOS. Installed SB
Audigy4 Pro sound card, installed all software and drivers from the
installation disk provided. Re-booted when asked. On reboot the demo audio
disk played fine. Went to try playing some collected audio files and kept
getting error messages "The audio device supported by this application is
not detected. The Application will exit."

Ran the diagnostic program to see if that could detect something wrong. The
results are as follows
Hardware detection---------------------------------------Pass

DirectSound 3D--------------------------------------------Fail
Mixer Settings----------------------------------------------Fail

Suggestion was to reinstall the software. Removed orig installation and
drivers, rebooted, reinstalled. Now can't even get the demo disk to play

Checked Device Manager:

Sound, Video and game controllers

Audio Codecs
Creative SB Audigy 4 (WDM)
Legacy Audio Drivers (might be from wintv)
Legacy Video Capture Devices (also from wintv)
Media Control Devices
Video Codec

Went to Sounds in Control Panel, and using the Volume, Audio, and Voice tabs
notice that there is no default audio device listed, yet SB Audigy4 (WDM) is
listed as a device under the Hardware tab.

I have reinstalled this video card in different pci slots, removed and
reinstalled software and drivers, the whole day, and I'm going crazy.

Any ideas what's happening and how to correct it? I'm game for any
suggestions and appreciate any help.



One thought I had while reading your post:-
....watch out for "shared" pci slots ! ...on some boards the pci slot next
to and AGP graphics slot can be "shared" i.e. you can't have a card in both.
Other board can have an AMR (audio modem riser) slot shared with a pci slot.

Also you refer to graphics card in a pci slot, did you really mean pci,
(seeing as there are graphics cards made for pci slots), or the "pci like"
AGP slot ?
If you are using a pci graphics card, leave an empty slot between it, and
your sound card. ...and don't fight with drivers with sound card in situ.
i.e. get graphics drivers correctly installed first, then install sound card
and drivers ....and make sure that IRQ sharing in bios is enabled ..."Pug
and Play Aware OS" set to "yes" etc ...(even though lots of people will
tell you to set it to "no")

regards, Richard

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