no tape in dv device detected



i'm trying to capture my analog video (from a handycam) to windows movie
maker using a sony dv hardware codec converter (media converter), which
basically converts analog to digital video. it's quite frustrating because i
can see the video on my computer screen, but when i try to "start capture" it
gives me this error "no tape in your dv device. please insert a tape and
continue to capture video".

to make matters more frustrating, i was able to successfully do this
conversion using another computer (windows 2000, i think). my computer is a
xp home. is this the problem? any way to fix this?

Graham Hughes

If you are using MM2 it probably is acting as if you are trying to use pass
through, which is not activated in MM2. MM is not available in 2000, MM1 is
in ME and this allowed pass through. If you upgrade to SP2, this comes with
MM2.1, which again has pass through enabled and should work. The other
option is to download windows capture utility.
Also see

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