Video Capturing



I am trying to capture video from Hi8 tape . I am able to do it but the
quality sucks.Very blurry not sharp and the color is not good. I can play
from the camera through the TV and everything looks great. But not on the
computer. The windows movie maker will also not allow me to choose DV-avi
when capturing. Would this make a difference even though I am using analog
tape. I am going from a Sony handy cam through the S-video on my ATI capture

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

That's probably as good as it will get. It's analog video which will always
look kind of bad compared with digital video. Think of a VHS tape quality
on your TV... it never looked as good as a DVD.

Your computer monitor is a much higher resolution than your TV (unless you
have HDTV).

It's probably as good as it will ever get.



How did you do it? I have a Sony analog camera and I am trying to do the
same thing. I can't even get the computer to acknowledge the camera. I just
hooked up a S video cord and still nothing. Help please.


Cari \(MS-MVP\)

a) Windows Movie Maker is not designed for analog capture

b) Is this an S-Video IN port... or an OUT port... ?

c) IF it is an IN port it would have come with Analog Capture software.
Use that one instead.

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