Not able to capture video from Panasonic NV-GS11 : HELP



I am unable to capture video from a Panasonic NV GSII to my laptop { DELL
INSPIRON 6000 }.I use firewire and Windows XP recognizes the handy cam and
starts movie maker. I go through the screens till it says " DV capture in
progress". It then errors out when it tries to capture the video stating "
UNKNOWN ERROR".I can rewind the tape using Movie maker. Does firewire have a
driver ??? I am lost...please help

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

The key here may be that you are using a notebook. Are you connecting the
camcorder to an A/C power source or using its internal battery? The
firewire port on a desktop is different from the one on a notebook (6pin as
opposed to 4pin) and if everything worked correctly on a desktop, it would
indicate a power insufficiency problem.


Hi ,

The notebook and the laptop are connected to an AC outlet.I am able to use a
JVC camcorder through USB connected to my notebook without any difficulty.

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