No sound from my modem.



I have a 56K modem installed which appears to be working OK but when
try to send a FAX I get a message "no dial tone". The line is workin
Ok but I don't get any tones through the speaker so I can't tell if th
modem is trying to dial or whether it just isn't accessing the line.
So the the first problem to be solved is - why do I not get sound fro
the modem? Grrrr



Hal Hostetler [MVP-DTS]

Is this modem listed in the Windows XP Hardware Compatibility list
( and do you have the latest
drivers for it? Unfortunately, Windows XP Fax has proven to be incompatible
with many common modems and drivers, particularly older ones, even if the
manufacturers claim they are "compatible" with Windows XP. Modem
incompatibility is not apparent during installation or the initial setup. It
only becomes apparent when you first try to send or receive a fax. The Fax
Service will dial or will answer an incoming fax but then fail with any of a
number of unhelpful error messages such as "Line is busy," "There is no
answer," or "Reception error." There will be nothing in Event Viewer to
give a clue as to where the problem might lie.

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