No send button



Help! I think I have lost my mind. I am not able to send web pages or links
via e-mail because I cannot find the send button anywhere in my program.
When I use the "File" pull down to send a web page by e-mail it takes me to
Outlook even though I use hotmail. I get the standard blank e-mail with the
link or page I want to send am able to type in the to and from portion along
with standard cc: and bc: options. It automatically uses Outlook, which is
not the mail program I generally use, which is hotmail. I don't mind that,
but there is no link or send button anywhere that I can find anywhere. I
have looked everywhere I can think of from tools, Internet Options, Toolbar
options and have even tried changing my mail sending option to my hotmail
program, which it won't let me do. If anyone can tell me what I am doing
wrong or where to find the send button I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
in advance for any and all help and time spent taking care of my problem.
Thank you, John Phillips

Roady [MVP]

There is no Send button as you have not configured Outlook with any email
You are using Hotmail via the web interface?
Set your default mail provider to Hotmail in Windows;
Control Panel-> Internet Options-> tab Programs

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