No printing preferences available



For some reason, I can't access printer preferences nor properties from
either a print dialog box or from the Printer Fax folder and the icon for
each printer. I have a Canon Pixma IP400 and an older DataProducts Laser that
worked fine up until about 2 weeks ago. Now out of the blue I can't control
any special settings. Any ideas what might be stopping me from accessing the



I think it is running, but am not real sure how to check it. I had a tech
from Canon, stop the service and restart it to try to solve the problem, but
it didn't help.

Nev Carter

Hi Skimark,

I have just the same problem. I think it could be related to some spyware I
removed a couple of weeks ago. Since then I cannot access printer
properties or preferences. The only solution I have had suggested so far is
to reinstall windows, either fully, or using a 'repair' installation.

Other people (eg cloud_head 28/7/06, elsa 9/7/06) seem to have the same


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