No multitask while printing.



My wife's computer with XP Home installed has started presenting her with
the hourglass while printing. She cannot minimize the window, switch to
another task while printing. Our computers are networked, and she gets the
hourglass whether she prints to the HP inkjet installed on her computer or
the Lexmark laser on mine. My computer with XP Pro is normal during printing
on either printer.

Any ideas on how to start troubleshooting this problem would be appreciated.


Paul Anton



Vincent Xu [MSFT]


1. When the hourglass appears, can you switch to other application by using
2. When the hourglass appears, press ctrl-alt-del to open task manager and
click "Process" check which application takes the most CPU usage.
3. If you find out the application which taks the most CPU usage, you can :

a) Download and install the Process Explorer.

b) When the error message occurs, click OK and lunch the Process Explorer

c) Click View->Lower Pane View and select View DLLs.

d) Check which DLLs are third-party dlls.

let me know the results. Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Vincent Xu
Microsoft Online Partner Support

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