no DVI signal sapphire 1900GT, syncmaster 940BW



I have a new Sapphire 1900GT graphics card and a samsung syncmaster
940BW widescreen LCD. I connect both by the RGB connector and it work
fine, but I can´t get any image using the DVI conector. There is also
no image evan while posting.

1. 1900GT uses DVI-I conector and 940BW DVI-D, so the cable is DVI-D.
2. I use last drivers.
3. There are no firmware/edid/bios updates for the componentes.
4. I try to change the signal input of the LCD to digital using the
front buttons, but it never find any dvi signal.
5. I try many combinatios of switch off monitor , switch on computer
then switch on monitor... try RGB first then DVI... try each DVI port
6. I reduce resolution and refresh frequency but I get no image at all
via DVI.
7. I found many edid issues on the internet but i couldnt resolve my
issue with edid tools, is there any specific for samsung monitors?
8. Disabling USB and changing bios setups didn´t work at all.

Anyway, thanks for reading :p


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