DVI Signal Not Detected



My OS is a fully up to date version of Windows XP Pro. My Viewsonic
VP2330wb monitor works just fine with the ATI Radeon X1600 (256 meg)
video card when I use the VGA cable. When I use the DVI cable, the
following happens. The system boots and the Intel splash screen and the
Windows startup screen display in DVI mode. When the system should
display the login screen, the video signal is lost.

So I uninstalled the Catalyst software and ATI video drivers. When I
restarted my machine using the generic Windows video driver I was able
to log into Windows in DVI mode just fine. Other than running at a lower
resolution, everything worked. So I installed the latest version of the
Catalyst Control Center and then shut down my machine. When I started it
back up again, the same old thing happened, no DVI signal. What's wrong,
and how can I fix the problem?

I'm only running the one monitor and the Primary Display is the one that
is active. I've run the monitor through the DVI cable at high resolution
in Linux using the generic driver. So I know the monitor isn't the issue.


My 19" Viewsonic VX924 was doing something similar, off and on, over
the course of about a year. It gradually got worse, eventually to the
point where the monitor would not come on at all. Fortunately, it was
still under a 3 year warranty, and I sent it back for a successful

I searched for DVI, Viewsonic problems on google, and it seems that
there are a lot of people that have had malfunctions with their
Viewsonic monitors.

I like this monitor. But there ain't much to like about something that
stops working.

You may not be having the same problem though.


Strange thing is, I can run the monitor at 1920 by 1200 (DVI-D mode) in
Linux just fine so I don't know whether it is the monitor or the ATI
video card or a quirk in the driver. So I am going to try an nVidia
card in a couple of days. And if that doesn't work I agues I will will
have to send it back to the place I got it from.

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