ATI Radeon 800GTO VS. Gateway FPD2185W Monitor- DVI == KAPUT



Hi. I have read around about this topic a bit and I have found on
ATI/AMD's website the following that tersely indicates I need to RMA my
video card because of the monitor I chose to buy. Once clicking on the
URL I am sent to a page to fill in information in GERMAN!!!????

My previous monitor on the 800GTO was a Viewsonic 21" (a very good one
at that but not HD like this one; 1680x1050; HDCP/DVI-D, etc). So what
have I done?

I have:

1) Used the DSUB connector on the Gateway FPD2185W monitor- works like
a charm- just not very good quality.
2) Moved the monitor to an ATI Radeon 9800 (!!!) on a Fedora Core 6 (!)
box and the DVI worked like a champ!
3) Upgraded to the latest Catalyst drivers (just to rule that out)
4) Read the Gateway monitor manual which is worthless
5) Screwed around left-and-right with the controls on the
monitor...nothing yet.
6) Turned off PNP in my bios (hey, ati's website recommended it)
7) Lowered the refresh rate of the monitor to the lowest it can go
(60hz) (hey, ati again)
8) Lowered the monitor res. of the monitor to some really low level (my
9) Purchased a $55 DVI-D cable (for home theater) which uses all of the
pins on the DVI connector (unlike the staggered arrangement on a
"regular" DVI cable). $55 not well spent. Well, maybe not yet.
10) And yes I have tried swapping cables. Three in fact.

If this may turn into a bug then it may be worth noting I am using a
Viewsonic VA1912wb on the analog side of the card with the DSUB

The scary ati website text:

Knowledge Base
AMD Customer Care Site Map > Knowledgebase > Displays >
737-21713: Radeon / FireGL: No or corrupted display with some TFT
monitors using DVI cable

The information in this article applies to the following

=======> + Radeon series <========= ME!
+ FireGL series
+ Belinea 101751 / 101915 / 101920 / 102035 /
+ Benq FP93GX
+ Dell 2005FPW / 1905FP
+ Fujitsu Scaleoview W19
======> + Gateway FPD2185W <============== THATS ME AGAIN!
+ NEC Multisync 2190UXi / 2070WNX
+ Olidata MR17F25S
+ Samsung 193P

No display is available when some TFT monitors are connected to ATI
graphic cards or partner products through DVI cable. Connecting through
the VGA cable of the monitor using either the VGA or DVI port (with
DVI-VGA adapter) of the video card works fine.

======>>>> WTF!!!! =====>>> Please fill out the Online-RMA-Form and
indicate the EPR number 170723 in the problem description.


Thanks :)

Withheld at Owners Request

Are you saying you get no output on the DVI - even in Windows? I have the
Gateway montior and x800 AIW - I get no DVI until windows login screen - so
I attached the VGA cable AND the DVI cable - PC boots - display is via VGA
until Windows loads then it switches to DVI..


For brevity and Google's seemingly infinite ability to archive the

I returned the Gateway monitor. There were a LOT of threads on it
simply not working with various RADEONS. I tried and tried and tried
with every possible way to test the DVI on the monitor and it just
wouldn't work- irrespective of drivers or anything.

It was a nice monitor for the day I had it (in VGA) but I'm not keeping
a monitor that doesn't like a hugely popular video card like the

I went with the Viewsonic VX2235 and the thing is awesome!

A nice second albeit no HDMI or component, etc which I didn't really
know if I wanted anyway.

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