No DVI again


Craig Coope

I posted a topic about a month ago detailing the lack of DVI output
from my 9800XT to my new Samsung TFT...

Anyway as I posted a couple of days ago I have got a new X1950 Pro
with again no working DVI output...

So I'm guessing it is the monitor...

However I have just noticed something...

On Windows XP display settings it says samsung syncmaster digital on
X1950 pro etc...

But in CCC it only says Radeon X1950 Pro (default vga monitor)

Should it not give my monitor details since the driver for it is

Hope someone can help....




I had a very similar problem. Built a new computer and the DVI did not work.
The VGA analog did work. Then I tried a new cable and the DVI worked. A week
later and the DVI quit. Tried a third cable and the DVI worked 100%. Played
with the second cable and after a lot of wiggling and having connector half
way in it worked. Seems the DVI plug is very touchy with cheap cables. DVI
is a rock solid technology, if you hook it up (properly) it will work.

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