No "Display Adapter" listed



I did an upgrade Streamline install of WinXP SP3. Now my scrolling
looks like waves.

When I search the Device Manager, there is no Display Adapter listed.

I can't download drivers from NVidia because it doesn't recognize my
video card; GeForce MX 4000.

I have my motherboard disk, but can't find any drivers on it.

I installed the video driver that came with the computer; that helps
with online scrolling but not documents.

No Display Adapter in Safe Mode either.

I removed the video card and rebooted the machine until I heard the
Windows jingle. Then shut the machine down and re-installed the video
card. I hoped that plug-n-play might recognize it, but that didn't

Any ideas how I can get a Display Adapter on the Device Manager list?
If so, I believe that means it recognized the card and I can download
the latest drivers from NVidia.



Andrew E.

Is the BIOS set properly for the card..Also,if the mx4000 is an older card,
scroll to about mid-page at nvidia web site,locate "past drivers/software"
see if you can locate youre card..Also,most nvidia software/drivers are
microsoft WHQL tested,which means that at windows update,in the L. sub
menu,locate "use administrator rights" once clicked,microsoft update shows
windows update catalog,enter,type in youre card with Windows XP by it,it
will display what you need.


Turns out that when I did my Streamline update install, VIA CPU to
AGP2.0/AGP3.0 didn't install a driver. I Googled the problem and
downloaded and installed the driver.

Everything works great and I now have a Display Adapter listed.

I'm smiling... Can you see me smiling? Not bad for a neophyte

Thanks to all who helped. What would we do without Google?


John John - MVP

Thanks to all who helped. What would we do without Google?

The same thing that we used to do before Google was born and that many
of us still do, use another search engine!


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