Display adapter installation problem



Help, please!!!

I have been trying to install a video card on a computer running Win XP Pro
and Vista HP (64-bit version). The Video adapter is an 8600 GT. Installing
it on XP was a piece of cake. But a nightmare on the Vista (both 32 and
64-bit versions). I have downloaded the latest driver from the card
manufacturer and (nVidia's site too). When I click the the setup icon, the
istall be gins only to come up with a message saying there is no driver
compatible with my hardware. And of course the installation quits. Also, if
I go through the device manager, and select display adapter, I get a list of
drivers for Intel or ati, nothing for nvidia.

Thanks for any help!

Cal Bear '66

Have you gone to Device Manager, right clicked on the adapter and selected
Uninstall (AND, if given the choice, checked the box to REMOVE driver files).
gone to Control Panel > Programs and Features, and uninstalled anything related
to nVidia? Then REBOOT, go to Device Manager and check to see if your nVidia
card is now detected. Then run the new nVidia driver install.

Have you checked for Vista BIOS updated and Vista motherboard device drivers?


Thanks for your reply, Cal Bear '66. I hadn't uninstalled the nVidia files.
So I followed your instructions and the device manager still does not
recognize the card.

Is there something else you could suggest?

Once again, thanks for your reply.


If you have 4GB of memory on your system have you tried installing the new
dirvers with only 2GB enabled and in Safe mode?


Thanks Cal Bear '66!

I had not thought to update the bios and mobo drivers. I am not at that
computer right now. I will let you know what happens. Thanks.


Thanks for your response JW. I have only 2GB RAM in the machine. And had
actually tried to install it in safe mode. Unfortunately it didn't work.
Thank you for the suggestion though.

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