nVidia GeForce drivers installation problem on Vista 64bit



I do use a dual-boot PC : Win XP 32 bit and Vista x64 and replaced my old CRT
monitor today with a flat widescreen. I use dual-monitor too.

I am unable to update the drivers for the nVidia 7300 GT video card with
the newest on nVidia website! I keep getting a stupid message that I cannot
use a 32 bit uninstaller with a 64bit application (or something like that) -
funny, as this happen (if I remember correctly) *after* I remove the older
driver and I start the install program for the latest drivers !... Then
another even mre stupid message tells me that these drivers are intended to
run under Vista 64 bit and that this OS is not (!!) Vista 64 bit. (Please
don't ask me : yes it is !)

It did that with the very latest, and it did that with the one released just
before. So I had to come back to the 90 release, my only choice ! Never been
able to get an answer from nVidia on that.

Anyone has a clue on that ?

Now with a new monitor that must run at 1680 x 1050, I need to change my
drivers I guess as I cannot get this resolution now (not even sure I am
running nVidia drivers...or just a default...)






Thanks for your reply.

Finally, I discovered accidentally that when you believe you have launched
the install program and get all this crappy warnings, all you have done was
''unzipping'' the files into a folder...

Just forget the messages about 32 bit vs 64 bit and wrong OS, go to the
folder where it had been unzipped and double click the exe file and *then*
the real install (update) process takes place.

I have been in doubt for months, leaving the old drivers in place but now I
have the latest drivers. Poorly designed install process I guess... But
it'll work.


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