No boot from NTFS CF Image


Mark Kraft


I have looked thru previous posts on this to try andf resolve problem but
have had no success yet.

1. I have a fixed mode CF from SimpleTech.

2. I used HDD partitioned to match the CF size to create a post FBA image.
In addition, I copied that image to another partition on the same HDD. This
last part was so I could copy the image to the CF on the target system. (To
clarify, my method for transferring post-FBA image is by saving that from
HDD by selecting all files and saving to directory on development machine. I
then copy this saved image to other HDDs to create clone. This has always
worked for me. In attempting to do the same thing with CF on target I found
XPe would not let me while the image was running. I then decided to copy the
post_FBA image an additional partition so I could perform my transfer method
to the CF.)

3. I booted the target using the hard drive and my XPe image. The CF is
installed prior to turn on so geometries are known. I have included Disk
Manager component.

4. I formatted the CF on target device, using Disk Manager, as NTFS and
marked the partition active.

5. I copied all files from the additional partition as I noted previously to
the CF.

6. I rebooted target specifying the CF as boot source. It never boots. I
just get blinking cursor.

I don't believe my CF formatting steps are wrong. It is a fixed mode CF and
other posts seem to indicate that I can use Disk Manager on target to format
to NTFS, etc.

Is my transfer method part of my problem?

Thank you ahead of time for your help!

Mark Kraft
Design Engineer
Lehigh Electric Products Co.
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Dear Mark,

How about uesing Ghost to do the test?
1. FBA on HDD
2. Reseal the image
3. Ghost the HDD by using "Disk to Image"
4. Ghost the CF by using "Disk from Image"

You may try this solution and see if CF works or not.

Best Regards,
Bing Chen
Advantech Co., Ltd.

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Sean Liming \(eMVP\)

You might find older post discussing the issue of transfering an image from
HDD and CF. There many developers who ran into the same problem. How about
letting FBA run on the CF card?


Sean Liming /
XP Embedded Book Author - XP Embedded Advanced, XP Embedded Supplemental

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