no audio when captured in AVI format



I selected "DV-AVI" to capture the video clip in AVI format, plus it looks to
have the best screen quality, but the end result AVI files contains only
video and no sound/audio. If I play the clip within Movie Maker, both video
and audio are present. BUT when I captured the same clip under any WMV
format, both video and audio were captured without problems.

Why is there a selective problem affecting AVI format?

Graham Hughes

I'm not sure where your problem lies, as you say "end result avi files only
contain video" and If I play....MM....both video and audio are present"
MM does not rpeview audio when capturing if this is what you mean, otherwise
please clarify.


ok when I preview the clip within WMM2, it plays the clip with sound fine,
showing that WMM2 obviously captured both video and audio, which is further
confirmed by the fact that if capture file format is WMV, both sound and
video work fine within the saved clipo. But if the capture option is DV-AVI,
the end result saved AVI file contains no audio. I even used AVIcodec to
check the AVI file, it's a program that displays video and audio information
within any multimedia file, and it only shows information for video, but
blank for audio. So, there was an problem when the file was saved to AVI
format, such that no audio was saved.

I have been going through other posts on the newsgroup, t here seems to be a
"vague" pattern of "lost" audio when saving using DV-AVI option. My camcorder
is Sony DCR TRV-820. I read someone complaining about similar audio problem
with his TRV 900. Could this be a problem affecting older Sony camcorders?


interesting suggestion. I tried WinDV and it worked perfectly, no audio
problem at all. This is got to be a problelm with WMM2.

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