Audio Sync Problem



I have made a 2-hour 15-min. movie of two long clips (85 min. and 60 min.
respectively) plus some titles. The clips were capture directly from a
high-quality DV cameracorder. The audio sync in the clips themselves is fine.
The audio sync when previewing from the time line appears okay. However, when
I render the movie to a DV-AVI file, the audio is out of sync by a second or
two by the of the movie.

The audio is ahead of the video and the problem becomes progressively worse
the longer into the rendered movie you go. The sync problem can be observed
when the rendered DV-AVI file is played (in Media Player) even before it is
convered to DVD.

I have tried capturing the clips in both WMM and Nero Vision to see if it
made any difference. It didn't.

The problem appears to be in the rendering itself within WMM.

My computer and software have all updates.

Any clue or fix?



Also, the problem is repeatable. I've now done an entirely different movie
of approx. the same length as a test using different clips captured for the
test. Same result.

The audio sync of the clips is fine when view by themselves. The audio sync
of the assembled movie is fine when view from the time line of the story
board in WMM. However, when rendered to the final DV-AVI file, the audio is
no longer synced as you view the rendered DV-AVI file in Media Player.

I'm stumped.

Graham Hughes

Try turning off all filters in the compatibility tab.
Do you have a sound card fitted as well as on-board sound 9Motherboard) if
you do have you turned off the on-board sound from the bios.
Do you have the latest drivers for your audio card.
Does it also go out of sync if you save to wmv?


I will try your suggestions and get back to this forum when completed.

My PC is a Media Center notebook (2.8 Ghz hyperthread P4, 1 gB, 160 mB
internal, ATI Mobility Radeon 128 mB) so no additional sound card is
possible. All drivers are current as well as all Windows Updates. Also, I use
a 750 mB external drive USB 2.0

I have not tried saving as a WMV but will also try and report back.

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