Nintendo's Revolution will follow PS3 timetable



Nintendo's Revolution will follow PS3 timescale, says Fils-Aime

Rob Fahey 16:20 11/10/2004

Slams Microsoft again for moving too quickly towards next generation

Nintendo of America's charismatic VP of sales and marketing Reggie Fils-Aime
has confirmed that the company is aiming to launch its next home console in
the same timeframe as Sony's PS3, and attacked Microsoft's "rush" to the
next generation.

"Our focus is this: we will bring Revolution to the marketplace roughly at
the same time as the competition," Fils-Aime told US website IGN. "We are
driving our timetables based on what we believe Sony will do."

While Nintendo may be watching Sony to work out when to jump on the next
generation, the company is less sold on Microsoft's approach. "Not that I
want to ignore the Xbox," Fils-Aime qualified, "but certainly we believe
that a rush to a new system is a mistake."

This is the second time in recent months that a senior Nintendo executive
has attacked Microsoft's seeming haste in moving to a next-generation
platform - speaking at the ELSPA Game Summit in London last June, former
Nintendo Europe boss David Gosen said that "in every cycle, some
manufacturer not profiting from the current cycle is eager to kick-start the
next one," and suggested that profitability was not Microsoft's "key
motivation" with the Xbox.

Fils-Aime also confirmed that the forthcoming Nintendo DS handheld could
potentially be used to link up with the GameCube console, and will almost
certainly boast link features with the Revolution platform.

"Could there be interactivity with GameCube?" he said. "Potentially. Depends
on the software and accessories needed from a GameCube perspective. But it's
certainly possible. Could there be interaction with the Revolution?
Certainly possible. Certainly capable."

Mike Kay

Slams Microsoft again for moving too quickly towards next generation


well entering the market later than the PS2, even with the technically
better hardware didnt help, so i guess its the obvious next thing to

mind you it didnt help the (superb) dreamcast which came out a fair bit
before the ps2 therefore was considered inferior technology, even tho
imo the DC was virtually out of production before anything came on the
ps2 which looked remotely better than anything the DC would struggle
with - sure it didnt have the horsepower of the ps2, but it did have far
better anti ailiasing.
bottom line it will help us anyway, as it will hopefully force the price
of the PS3 & the new Nintendo console down early & just becasue one next
gen console is o nthe market, it doesnt mean you have to buy it straight

early adopters always pay a premium & often end up with problematic

(short life span psx, ps2 with dodgey DVD driver issues, xbox with ropy
dvd drive & DC with cooling problems iirc)

i prefer tho wait a while, after paying 700 quid for my A1200 with 80mb
harddisk & a silly amount for my CD32 i have learned patience ;)

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