ATI rep: Nintendo Revolution graphics chip not as powerful as that of X360 or PS3



07/13/05 4:39 pm Posted by Ryan

Fresh off our trip to New York City to the Digital Life Press Preview event,
we have come back with some important news for Nintendo fans concerning
Nintendo's next console currently code-named the Revolution. There has been
much speculation about the console's graphics, and how "next-generation" the
games will be. Satoru Iwata has promised that the game's will "wow"
consumers, but we just don't know how the games are going to look.

Well, at the Digital Life Press Preview event, we spoke with ATI, the
developer and producer of the Revolution's graphics chip currently known as
the "Hollywood". According to the ATI representative we spoke with, the
Hollywood graphics chip is more powerful that the GameCube's graphics chip,
but not on par with that of the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. At the time of
the event, the ATI representative was not able to elaborate on any specs or
any other information on the Revolution. We were only told not to expect the
same graphical quality that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will offer.

Knowing that however we are not sure how much of a differenece there will be
between the Revolution, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3's graphics. There has
been much speculation as to how the Revolution's graphics will look, and
much speculation about that Metroid Prime 3 demo shown at E3 2005, which we
can tell you was built on the GameCube hardware, not that of the Revolution.
At this time we would speculate that the difference in the graphic power of
the Revolution and the Xbox 360 will be comparible to that of the difference
between the GameCube and the Xbox. It is also to be noted that pure specs
and technical power do not alone make up a console or it's performance.

We could speculate further, but we are just going to have to wait for
Nintendo to come out and show us the Revolution, it's graphical power, and
what sort of gameplay "revolution" the machine will offer. We have spoken
with ATI and brought back what little information is available, and at this
point you are just going to have to wait for more information directly from


This was expected of Nintendos next-gen console.
If the console won't be on par with the XBOX 360 OR PS3 will "Revolution"
see less third-party developer support?

Eric Powell

But will the inclusion of a PPU(something that the PS3 & Xbox 360 don't
have) even things up a bit??


Eric Powell said:
But will the inclusion of a PPU(something that the PS3 & Xbox 360 don't
have) even things up a bit??

nintendo is aiming to make a cheap console
so there's no PPU, you will be disapponinted

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