newbie question OUTLOOK2003?




I just installed office 2003, and my Question is regard to outlook2003:

When i double clike OUTLOOK2003 for the first time,
An error msg appears and says 'Your microsoft exchange server is
unavailable', with 3 options - retry; work offline;cancel.
Obviously retry didn't work; and when i click WORK OFFLINE it says:
'Unable to open your default -email folder. Your profile is not configured'.
with 1option - 'OK'. After click OK it just exit out the programe completely.
I was expecting it to pop up a profile setting window or something?

So it seems i need to set up my profile? but how do i do that?
How do i get OUTLOOK 2003 to work????

P.S. I can connect to my adsl internet no problem through my adsl modem
router 4 port.



neo [mvp outlook]

Go to the control panel and double click on the mail applet. Select show
profiles. You can create a new profile for a POP3/IMAP account and set it
as the default while you try and decide if the other one should be deleted.

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